The Northern Black Forge by Arte Runas

Altar tallado en honor a Odín madera castaño

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Additional Information:

    Handmade altar carved and made to order with natural chestnut and linden wood. It is an altar with Norse warrior symbols (Vikings) that represent the god Odin. We can see engraved on it, symbols such as the valknut or knot of death, Aegishjalmur, Ottastafur, the 24 runes of the ancient futhark, bearded war ax, etc.
    • Carved and pyrography handicraft product.
    • Delivery time may take 5-7 days for manufacturing. Consult me if you need it before to be able to give it priority.
    • Diameter:Base size 17x13cm - Altar size 15x15cm.
    • Materials:Natural chestnut and lime wood.
    • There is also the option of making them personalized and at different prices according to personalization, sizes and type of woods. Consult me without obligation.
  • It is delivered treated with natural linseed oil and orange citrus to protect the wood.