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Calendarios Celtas/Wicca Símbolo a elegir personalizado

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The Celtic / Wiccan calendar It is one of the oldest ritual calendars known and is based on light and dark, on the cycles of the moon, the sun, and vegetation. Each month corresponded to a lunar cycle that began with the new moon. For the Celts, the day began and ended with the sunset, existing like the Gregorian calendar, twelve months that corresponded with the seasons of the year. Six dark months from November to April and six light months from May to October. The year began with the month of Samonians, that is, forty days after the autumnal equinox. Being based on the cycles of the sun and the moon, not all years had the same number of months, to compensate, they interspersed other 30-day months every two and a half years

      • Samhain (Last Harvest, Ancestral Night, Feast of the Dead, Halloween) October 31 (May 1 in the southern hemisphere)..
      • Yule (Alban Arthan, Winter Solstice) from December 20 to 23 (June 21 in the southern hemisphere)..
      • Imbolc (Brígida's Day, Candelaria) February 2 (August 1 in the southern hemisphere)..
      • Ostara (Albar Eilir, Spring Equinox, Tree Festival) from March 20 to 23 (September 21 in the southern hemisphere)..
      • Beltane  – April 30 (October 31 in the southern hemisphere).
      • Litha or Midsummer  (Alban Heruin, Coamhain, Summer Solstice) June 20-23 (December 21 in the southern hemisphere)..
      • Lughnasadh (Lammas, First Harvest, First Fruits Festival) August 1 (February 1 in the southern hemisphere)..
      • Mabon (Alban Elfed, Herfest, Second Harvest, Autumn Equinox) September 20-23 (March 21 in the southern hemisphere))

In the Celtic calendar the Pagan celebrations related to natural cycles, agricultural activities and worship. One of the oldest known was found in 1897 in France, at Coligny.

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  • Handcrafted carved and pyrography product.
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  • Diameter: 20x20 cm and thickness of 2.00 cm.
  • Materials: Natural beech wood.
  • It is delivered treated with natural linseed oil and orange citrus to protect the wood.