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Crear Amuleto personalizado Runas Futhark

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  1. I will create for you a personalized amulet with the rune or bindrune you need in the form of a pendant or keychain. ¿Which rune is the one for me? Go to the description below and read carefully the different meanings and magical uses of each rune.
** Please note that each amulet is unique in shape and size, as each branch has its own shape and characteristics.

Additional Information:

  • This necklace and keychain is made to order. It may take 2 more days for its shipment to be prepared and its appearance may vary as it is a custom product.
  • Pyrography craft product, handmade.
  • All products are sent in a cloth or suede bag and a gift detail.
  • Approximate diameter: 3 to 4 cm
  • Approximate thickness: 6mm
  • Adjustable and adaptable pendant cord from 40cm to 80cm more or less.
  • Materials: the pendant can be pyro-engraved in natural walnut, ash, oak, eucalyptus, beech, maple or chestnut wood, etc. Treated with natural linseed oil and orange citrus oil, premium quality natural leather cord and features in stainless steel, brass or bronze trim. Stainless steel or aged steel key ring.


Learn about the meaning and magical use of the 24 runes of the ancient futhark alphabet.

The viking and celtic amulets They are ritualized objects Y custom that allow us to achieve purposes that have to do with Lucky , Love , Job , Health , Money , Protection , etc. The runic talismans they always show balance and remind us that there must always be a constant flow between what we receive and what we give, both to ourselves and to others. In this way, we get Attract Y enhance the beneficial influences and the positive vibrations through their magic symbols s carried in the form of pendants, keychains,rings , bracelets and others amulets various.

1 Rune Fehu:


Meaning : Possessions. Nutrition. Wealth. New loves. Prudence.

Magical use: Money. Deal. Job. Companies. Fertility. To protect valuable objects. Rushing matters to their next phase.

2 Rune Uruz:


Meaning : Force. Great passion. Intelligence. Reward. Transition. Liberty.

Magical use: Willpower. Vitality. Courage. Endurance. Attract new situations into your life. Heal and maintain good physical health. Increase willpower.

 3 Thurisaz Rune:


Meaning : Door. Reflection. New options.

Magical use: Regeneration. Concentration. Override negativity. Meditation. New beginnings. When you need luck and control of any circumstance. Protection and defense. Neutralize enemies or opposition.


4 Ansuz Rune:

Meaning : Good luck in love. Surprises Signs. Messages.

Magical use: Creativity. Get wisdom. Success. To convince. Confidence and luck in the exams.


5 Raidho Rune:

Meaning : Wheel. Travel. Communication. Help when taking risks. Self-healing.

Magical use: Changes. Protection. Transformation. Justice according to the good. safe and comfortable travel.


6 Rune Kenaz:

Meaning: Opening. Passion. Understanding. Understanding.

Magical use: Inspiration. Knowledge. Creativity. Value. For new beginnings. Healing and physical well-being. Love and stability and passion in relationships. Protect valuable objects.


7 Gebo Rune:

Meaning: Generosity. Gifts. Positive surprises. Attraction.

Magical use: Meeting. Protect relationship. Fertility. Good luck. Loving and sexual magic. Increase magical powers. Mental and physical balance. Use in any field related to companies.


8 Rune Wunjo:

Meaning: Joy. Comfort. Harmony. Safety. Tranquility.

Magical use: Triumph. Motivation. Recognition. Achieve the objective. Success in travel. Good luck in love or work.


9 Hagalaz Rune:

Meaning: Destruction. Negative events. Solution in your hands. Release.

Magical use: Assimilate errors. Change. Banish negativity. Protection. Use when you need luck.


10 Nauthiz Rune:

Meaning: Need. Pain. Sacrifice. Changes. Review of plans. Self-criticism.

Magical use: Personal control. Provision. Overcome heartbreak. Achieve objectives. Protection. Magic of love ... to find a lover. Impetus for a relationship to take off.


11 Rune Isa:

Meaning: Plans stopped. Intrigue. Pause.

Magical use: Stay tuned. To block. To rest. curb unwanted forces. Freeze situations. Develop the will.


12 Jera Rune:

Meaning: Harvest. Fertility. Incentive to succeed. Perseverance. Patience.

Magical use: Entrepreneurship. Changes. Increase. Reward. fertility. Help with legal issues.


13 Rune Eihwaz:

Meaning: Defending. Prevention. New road. Problem resolution. Patience.

Magical use: Value. Stability. Transition. Stay alert. Protection. Power increase. Remove obstacles.


14 Perdhro Rune:

Meaning: Initiation. Secrets Sudden profits. Surprise.

Magical use: Unexpected relationships. Fertility. Birth. Sexuality. Find lost things. Good mental health


15 Algiz Rune:

Meaning: Friendship. Protection. Opportunities. Progress. Transition.

Magical use: Protection from enemies and evil. Moderation. Advice. Decision making. Strengthens luck and vital force.


16 Sowilo Rune:

Meaning: Whole. Fortitude. Hidden talent.

Magical use: Energy. Vitality. Optimism in oneself. Healing Clarity. Victory and success.


17 Tiwaz Rune:

Meaning: Courage. Courage. Fire. Victory. Success. Perseverance.

Magical use: Victory. Protection. Strength. Value. Good for the health.


18 Rune Berkana:

Meaning: Increase. Wake up. Renaissance. Development of creativity.

Magical use: Healing. Fullness. Clarity. Maternity. Self realisation. Fertility.


19 Rune Ehwaz:

Meaning: Movement. Moving. Transformation. General changes.

Magical use: Force. Communication. Safe travel. Quick changes.


20 Rune Mannaz:

Meaning: Increase. Inner balance. Modesty. Dedication. Opening.

Magical use: Prudence. Harmony. Friendship. Mental powers. Get help from Others.


21 Laguz Rune:

Meaning: Lifetime. Water. Fluency. Emotional needs. Intuition. Vocation. Increase.

Magical use: Value. Stability. Imagination.


22 Inguz Rune:

Meaning: Fertility. Happy realization. Need to share.

Magical use: Relief. Job stability. Health. New cycle. Release energy.


23 Dagaz Rune:

Meaning: Renewal. Breaking off. Confidence. Generosity.

Magical use: Success. Illumination. New beginnings. Fertility.


24 Othila Rune:

Meaning: Separation. Inheritance. Liberty. Fortune.

Magical use: Purchases. Family. Personal evolution. Learning. Protection of possessions.