The Northern Black Forge by Arte Runas

Anillo en Plata de Ley Serpiente de Midgard

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Beautiful Viking ring in 925 sterling silver with the heads of Jörmundgander or Jörmungandr, also called the"Midgard Serpent, it is a gigantic serpent that haunts Midgard until the day of Ragnarök. It is a male monster. It has the god Loki as its father and the giant Angrboda as a mother, and when the Æsir found out about this evil being begotten by such terrible parents, and saw with their gift of divination the terrible things that it would do, they decided to take care of the monster. Odin threw it into the sea around Midgard, where it will remain trapped until Ragnarök, the day of total destruction, Jormundgander grew so large that by biting his tail he could embrace the entire Earth.

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  • Gender:Unisex
  • Carved craft product, handmade.
  • This product is shipped in a cloth or suede bag.
  • Ring Size:Adjustable
  • Weight:3.6 grams of sterling silver.
  • Rim thickness:2mm
  • Materials:100% 925 Sterling Silver.