The Northern Black Forge by Arte Runas

Mjolnir tallado en madera - LLavero, colgante, mascota

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Viking pendant or keychain with thor's hammer, Mjolnir symbol carved in wood. The Mjolnir, considered to be the most fearsome weapon in the arsenal of all the Norse gods, is used to eliminate anyone who attempts to undermine the Æsir's supremacy.

** Please note that each pendant and keychain is unique in shape and size, as each branch has its own shape and characteristics.

    • This pendant and keychain is made to order. It may take 2 more days for its shipment to be prepared and its appearance may vary as it is a custom product.
    • Carved craft product, handmade.
    • Gender:Unisex
    • Approximate diameter:3.5 to 4.5 cm
    • Approximate thickness:6mm
    • Adjustable and adaptable cord from 40cm to 80cm more or less.
    • Materials:the pendant can be carved in cypress wood, walnut, catano, oak, ash, etc. Depending on the existence of natural wood at that time. Treated with natural linseed oil and citrus orange essential oil. Premium quality natural leather cord or waxed cord. Key ring in stainless or aged steel.