The Northern Black Forge by Arte Runas

Colgante acero inoxidable mjolnir berserker

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Viking pendant with thor's hammer, Mjolnir symbol in stainless steel with different ornaments Berserker warrior and wolf head. The Mjolnir is considered the most fearsome weapon in the arsenal of all the Norse gods and is used to eliminate anyone who attempts to undermine the Æsir's supremacy.

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  • Gender:Unisex
  • All products are sent in a cloth or suede bag and a gift detail.
  • Diameter:4.2cm high x 3.0cm wide and 1.0cm thick
  • Chain:60cm long and 4.5mm thick
  • Materials:100% Hypoallergenic premium quality nickel and lead free stainless steel, stainless steel braided link chain.