The Northern Black Forge by Arte Runas

Talismán símbolo Triskelion con varios objetivos

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Additional Information:

Triskelion : This talisman so well known and used socially, is powerfully linked with the moon, in some traditions consecrated to the cult of the sacreda feminine energya , the Triple Goddess or Sacred Feminine Trinity , Moon Goddess and in others to the cult of Odinn .

The fundamental thing to understand it is that we take into account the Runes that make it up, its triple axis is related to pre-runic symbolco from Eihwaz , referring to big tree yggdrasill that connects the nine worlds , which reminds us of the flow in the cycle of life and generating balance in our journey through this world ( birth, realization and deathe ). On the other hand, each of its legs are formed by the Laguz rune that powerfully marks the lunar bond, the depths of the inner and spiritual world. For this last reason, some peoples of northern Europe considered this talisman as a key capable of helping the initiate of the ancient traditions of the Moon Goddess, to immerse himself in the deep waters of his unconscious in search ofa de clarity, harmony, understanding and wisdomía .

Today this talismann It is widely used to acquire greater balance and harmony between the three planes of being (body, mind and spirit)u) , as well as to enhance the intuition when it comes to deepening and understanding each internal emotion, managing to see how that emotion influences the reality expressed by the other planes.nos.


** Please note that each pendant and keychain is unique in shape and size, as each branch has its own shape and characteristics.

    • This pendant and keychain is made to order. It may take 2 more days for its shipment to be prepared and its appearance may vary as a custom product
    • Pyrography craft product, handmade.
    • Gender: Unisex
    • All products are sent in a cloth or suede bag and a gift detail.
    • Approximate diameter: 3 to 4 cm
    • Approximate thickness: 6mm
    • Adjustable and adaptable cord from 40cm to 80cm more or less.
    • Materials: the pendant can be pyro-engraved in natural walnut, oak, eucalyptus, beech, maple, chestnut, etc. Treated with natural linseed oil and citrus orange essential oil. Premium quality natural leather cord or waxed cord and features a stainless steel, brass, bronze or wood trim. Aged steel key ring.